web design

web design

Nothing is so dangerous as being too modern.
One is apt to grow old-fashioned quite suddenly. — Oscar Wilde

The websites designed and programmed by us are mostly straightforward – content, precision and function are the focus, i.e. each website is individually optimized to convey content and user guidance. The corporate design and the contents provide sufficient ‘personality’. Unagitated, away from fashionable trends, yet contemporary. Search engine optimization (SEO), compatibility with a wide variety of end devices, assistance in the creation of content and comprehensive support included.

The current website portfolio does not yet reflect what is technically possible from our side – shop solutions/connections, social media integration, news feeds, animation and all possible user interactions etc. – there are practically no limits. Whether commercial, official, banal, crazy, hypermodern or minimalistic – describe us your project and your ideas/desires as precisely as possible – in cooperation with our coders we will work out an appropriate (and affordable) solution together.


Recent (responsive) Websites:
www.flccc.net (Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance)
www.beategaenssle.de (Feldenkrais & Shiatsu)
www.terhell.info (artist)
www.widawski.com (artist)
www.caro-suerkemper.de (artist)
www.howahl-restaurierung.de (conservator)
www.markusrock.com (photographer)
www.radix.de (interior & furniture design)


“Pimp my Website”
Keyword “website optimization”. We see it (still) almost daily: many years ago it had to be done in a short time – the nephew of the company founder (for example) quickly built a website. But in the meantime the website has become ‘unreadable’ at least on mobile devices... or at least the online appearance no longer suits a company that has gained some reputation through technical innovation or simply good work/products.

Here there are (as always) different approaches. You can now consider whether you want to have a completely new website set up – here responsiveness (automatic adaptation of the content to all possible end devices, e.g. home computer and smartphone) and e.g. webshops or order forms and requests for quotation can be implemented well. The additional option of fundamentally reworking the appearance (corporate design) also exists here of course.

Or you decide – e.g. as a small service provider/craftsman – to 'keep the flame low' and simply update your static website with the necessary company and contact information – in a contemporary form and easy to read on all devices. This can be achieved at relatively low cost.

But here, too, a simultaneous (and thus cost-saving) slight revision/optimization of logo/letters and fonts would be a good idea (for the Internet, but also for your ‘paper communication’) – always of course while retaining the most important recognition features of your previous appearance (if you wish).